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    for children and adolescents
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    A 5 year old's expression of her internal trauma
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    For parents and caregivers of children with differences

I specialise in doing art therapy with children and adolescents with the following issues:
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Learning differences
  • Developmental issues and psycho-emotional problems such as anxiety, depression, aggression, bullying, low self-esteem amongst others.

Previous to being an art therapist, I practised in Singapore for six years as an educational therapist.

I found my calling through art therapy in which I am conducting doctoral research in children with autism and sensory integration dysfunction.

I have vast experience, both personal and professional, with children on the autism spectrum.

I am an advocate for children with differences and have participated in conferences and conducted workshops in Singapore, Indonesia and Pakistan in service of my passion to advocate for and destigmatize special needs and mental health issues.


I have authored a book titled Wrapped in Blue documenting my journey about raising my son with autism.
I blog about Mo and his continuing progress.
If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint
Edward Hopper


7 reasons why Art Therapy is an effective therapeutic technique for children.

Art making can tap into emotional content not accessible to words.

It provides an alternative form communication to children who are resistant or unable to talk.

Art making allows the processing of difficult emotions in a safe way.

Artwork can tap into the root of issues that a child may be unaware of.

Art therapy can be fun.

No art making skill is required to do art therapy.

Art Therapy can be done with the child, in a group or with family.


Facilitating Attachment in Children With Autism Through Art

Journal of Psychotherapy Integration 2014, Vol. 24
Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that may be broadly defined as a developmental disorder characterized by impairment in an individual’s verbal and nonverbal communication skills.

Healing colours: Art therapy helps the young resolve issues they can't explain

NOV 15, 2015
Imagine you're in a room filled with a wide range of art materials. Next, you are given a blank piece of paper and told to “draw anything that you like, just remember there is no right or wrong”.
Screened at the Annual Conference of the American Art Therapy Association.


Introducing group art therapy sessions for parents and caregivers of children with differences.


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